Ovarian cancer drug hits main goal in new study

Aug. 14, 2019

An AstraZeneca treatment scored an important victory in the quest to offer new treatments for ovarian cancer.

According to the company, its drug, Lynparza, effectively slowed down the progression of ovarian cancer in a recent study. Lynparza belongs to a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors, which work by blocking an enzyme involved in DNA repair and stopping cancer from repairing its genetic code during cell division.   

Lynparza has already been approved to treat ovarian and breast cancer in some cases. This latest study aimed to show its effectiveness when given as a follow-up treatment to chemo and Roche’s Avastin. Ultimately, women in the study showed a longer-progression free period and lower risk of death than those given Avastin alone (the standard follow-up treatment). 

AstraZeneca said it would release its full study results at an upcoming medical meeting. 

Read the Reuters report.