AstraZeneca’s blockbuster diabetes drug scores major new trial win

March 31, 2020

AstraZeneca’s top-selling diabetes medication could be headed towards an approval for a major new indication area. 

According to the company, Farxiga has been shown to be “overwhelmingly” effective at slowing chronic kidney disease by improving renal function and decreasing the likelihood of death.

The drug belongs to a class of SGLT2-inhibitors and works by causing kidneys to expel blood sugar through urine. The latest trial using Farxiga for kidney disease went so well that the company decided to end the study early so that patients in the control group would no longer have to take a placebo.

AstraZeneca plans to apply for marketing approval for the new indication and says that the trial results will help move Farxiga from the diabetes market to the “larger and more attractive cardiovascular/metabolism field.”

Analysts predict that annual sales for Farxiga will increase from $1.5 billion this year to $3 billion by 2024.

Read the Reuters report.