Hielscher Ultrasonics: Brand New Glass Flow Cell for Ultrasonic Emulsifying

Hielscher Ultrasonics has launched a new glass flow cell. This novel reactor augments the wide product range of accessories for Hielscher’s ultrasonic processors. It offers clear visibility of the cavitational process. The ultrasonic glass reactor vessel features two feedports on the bottom side, which are for the supply of the material into the reactor vessel. By the discharge port on the left side, the fluid exits the flow cell after passing the cavitational “hot spot” generated at the sonotrode.

In this hot spot, the medium is treated by the intense cavitational forces, by that the various processes, such as homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, sono-chemical and sono-catalytical effects, are achieved. With its two supply ports, the ultrasonic glass reactor is ideal to emulsify by ultrasonication as it can be fed with two immiscible fluids.

For further information about ultrasonic emulsification, please visit: http://www.hielscher.com/ultrasonics/emulsify_01.htm