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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced a new near-infrared (NIR)-based dryer analytics system ideal for a range of applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, including API and tablet manufacturing. These tools allow greater process understanding and optimization of cycle times and product quality and consistency.

The turnkey system has been designed from the ground up to offer the perfect combination of software and hardware for efficient and accurate NIR drying analyses.  The complete system allows faster realization of process and product improvements than was previously possible because the need for integration engineering has been virtually eliminated.

Drying is a key factor in tablet manufacturing with the main goal of fit-for-purpose and consistent endpoint determination for real-time product and process control. The new Thermo Scientific dryer analytics system combines the Antaris EX FT-NIR process analyzer with specialty fiber optics probe options, specifically designed for industrial drying processes. This complete platform provides precise measurements to adapt processes or determine endpoints, thus improving yields, consistency, and cycle times through the elimination of laboratory testing.

The Antaris EX FT-NIR process analyzer, part of the dryer analytics system, is supplied ready-to-use in Class I Division/Zone 1 or 2 drying installations. It offers integrated computing as well as OPC and PLC I/O for automatic process communications control to enable complete closed loop monitoring. The analyzer has also been pre-configured to work effectively in hazardous or potentially explosive environments.

The retractable fiber optics probes, also part of the dryer analytics system, are particularly suited to pharmaceutical powder-drying applications. They feature pneumatic probe insertion and retraction, automatic purge or wipe cleaning of the sampling window and a wash chamber to clean hazardous materials without human exposure. Thanks to all of these unique features, the probes effectively address and eliminate the usual interfacing and sampling challenges occurring in today's drying processes.

The Thermo Scientific NIR-dryer analytics system is supported by a comprehensive training and maintenance program, with easy-to-use validation protocols and reduced costs of calibration.


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