Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., introduces the 3D Model integrated services solution, an innovative and comprehensive approach to managing the assets of customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

The 3D Model provides individual customers with a customized solution created through a needs assessment that focuses on three dimensions: business goals and objectives, operating environment and the instrument/equipment mix across the enterprise. This new approach capitalizes on the strengths of available service models, including product support plans, managed maintenance and multi-vendor direct services, and the proper blend of preferred service providers to create the optimal solution for improving productivity, reducing total cost of ownership and ensuring compliance.

The 3D Model also provides customers with comprehensive business intelligence reporting, as well as up-to-date asset tracking and maintenance history that are essential for maintaining regulatory compliance. Business reviews that analyze overall goals, asset and service provider performance are periodically conducted to assess the need for any solution enhancements. With Thermo Fisher Scientific serving as the managing partner, administration is greatly simplified through a single contract and invoicing procedures that significantly improve operating efficiency.