Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, Liquid Div.

A new Rosemount Analytical liquid analysis platform designed to significantly simplify operation and maintenance beyond that of previous generations of instruments has been announced by Emerson Process Management. The new Model 1056 Single/Dual Input Analyzer is a cost-effective instrument appropriate for the widest range of liquid analysis applications. It allows the user to choose from any combination of measurements: pH/ORP/ISE, Resistivity/conductivity, Percent Concentration, Chlorine (Free, Total, Monochloramine, pH independent Free Chlorine), Oxygen, Ozone and Temperature.

To simplify operation in the field, the Model 1056 features a large high-contrast LCD display and easy-to-read process measurements, making it possible for field engineers to see information clearly from a distance as the display is back-lit. Four process variables, or diagnostic parameters, are displayed simultaneously from every screen giving operators maximum information at a glance. The placement of variables on the screen is easily configured based on the user’s requirements. When changing screens, the simple, intuitive, plain-English menus and help screens make operation easy without the need for manuals or instructions. No more than three button pushes are required for any operation.

Embedded predictive diagnostics provide warnings and faults when the sensors or instrument are not performing to specification. A push of the diagnostics button reveals PlantWeb alert troubleshooting and maintenance messages. The instrument is equally easy to set up and troubleshoot. Quick-start screens appear the first time the Model 1056 is powered up. The analyzer auto-recognizes each measurement board installed within the device and the display prompts the user to configure each sensor in a few quick steps for immediate deployment. It is designed with modular cards and easily removable connectors, simplifying reconfiguration in the field. Built-in wire guides keep the interior organized and wiring plans are intuitive. When measurement boards are changed in the Model 1056, the analyzer automatically recognizes the configuration change. Simple features like the hinged door and captive screws make installation much easier.

The Emerson Model 1056 Dual/single Input Analyzer is available for shipment in January, 2007.