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ESA Biosciences introduces its Model 526 UV (pictured above) and Model 528 Variable Wavelength UV/VIS absorbance detectors, which are designed as modular HPLC detectors. The Model 526/528 detectors provide extremely low operating noise levels to 0.6 x 10-5 AU. This performance can meet severe analytical requirements for higher sensitivity. The improved stability also ensures reliable analyses not dependent on the ambient conditions.

High response and low noise for ultra-high-speed analyses is ensured at a response of 0.1 sec. This provides sharpness of chromatographic peaks for allowing ultra-high-speed analyses with high sensitivity.

Automatic wavelength calibration for UV range The detector unit has a built-in mercury lamp for checking wavelength accuracy. Using its 254nm emission line, an ultraviolet wavelength frequently selected in liquid chromatography can be checked. A total of three wavelengths are checked at a time for enhancing reliability in wide-wavelength-range analyses.

Automatic lamp shutdown during inactive periods increases overall lamp life. Lamp usage is easily monitored through the front panel keypad and display. Simple programming is provided for wavelength scanning and range changes during an analytical run.

Optional flowcells are available for other many applications. Long-life replacement lamps and accessories are also available.

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