Bruker Optics

Bruker Optics introduces the new Lancer diode-array near infrared spectrometer specifically designed for pharmaceutical process control and monitoring.

Proper blending is critical to consistent product quality. The Lancer provides a real-time window into the blending process for improved end-point determination even with variability in raw materials.

The Lancer is a diode-array near infrared spectrometer, which is a commonly used and well-understood technique, widely deployed for applications ranging from raw materials identification to final product assay. Lancer is self-contained, battery operated and requires no external cables or fiber optics connection. The probehead is configured for convenient noncontact analysis with a nominal 25 mm measurement area and a standard 35 mm working distance.

The Lancer can be mounted on any pharmaceutical blending equipment, such as the Patterson-Kelley systems.

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