Small Molecule

Traditional, chemically synthesized drugs (typically oral solid dose products) continue to be the dominant drug delivery form, used for a wide range of treatments. Here you will find content about formulations and the manufacturing technology and techniques used to make these popular products


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Bridging the gap between R&D and GMP

Companies prioritizing optimized synthetic routes, stable API forms, and verified analytical tools set the stage for phase I clinical manufacturing success
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OSD spreads its wings

Bright ideas are helping drugs and butterflies take flight
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OSD soars: Evolution of oral solid dose technology

In phase 2 of our OSD series, we cover the resurgence of fixed-dose combinations and the pursuit of effective oral delivery for biologics
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OSD soars: The digital metamorphosis

In phase III of our OSD series, we cover what's on the horizon for the digital metamorphosis of drug delivery, including 3D printing and robot pills.
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Reproductive plights

There is no rest for reproductive health drugs in post-Roe America
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Nevertheless, they persisted

How drugmakers are fighting to keep reproductive health drugs available, safe and legal

Tablet tooling: Don’t let the rust set in

How pharma manufacturers can best protect equipment from corrosion

Pulling antibiotics from the fire

Can policy reform save a market in peril?

The past, present and future of antiviral discovery

New methods and strategies to address the complexities of viral infection offer hope for antiviral drug development

Minding the gap

As holes in mental health treatment deepen, can pharma fill the voids?

10 major drugs falling off the patent cliff in 2021

At some point, the patent cliff claims the high-rolling life of market exclusivity for all drugs — and 2021 is, of course, no exception.Although the industry has been flushed ...

Back-to-basics on tablet press efficiency

How an objective assessment of equipment’s efficiency can make a big difference

Pipeline snapshot: Two treatments that could change the game for Alzheimer’s

It’s no secret that the pipeline for Alzheimer’s treatments has mostly become a sinkhole for dozens of failed drugs and billions in lost R&D dollars. But with the stakes so high...

Improving manufacturing skills in a pandemic world

E-learning has become an important part of the future of solid dose manufacturing

Pharma’s biggest blockbusters

A look at trends with the industry’s heavy hitters