Amgen reveals new manufacturing site in Central Ohio

Feb. 26, 2024

This week, Amgen unveiled its latest manufacturing facility in Central Ohio, known as 'Amgen Ohio.'

The plant, which Amgen says is its most advanced facility to date, spans nearly 300,000 square feet and will employ 400 full-time staff members. It features open workspaces to encourage collaboration and will adhere to stringent environmental sustainability standards, aligning with Amgen's goal of achieving carbon neutrality for all operations by 2027.

Amgen is also supporting the local community through initiatives such as a manufacturing apprenticeship program in collaboration with Columbus State Community College. This program aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills for careers in healthcare manufacturing, offering a blend of classroom and hands-on training.

The company began construction on facility, located in New Albany, Ohio, in late 2021. At the time, Amgen had planned to invest $365 million into the project.

The biotech has set itself up for a busy few years. In 2023, Amgen became the first company to launch its Humira biosim, Amjevita in the United States. Humira, protected by a patent wall that took 20 years to come down, is estimated to have amassed a total revenue of $240 billion by 2024.

Amgen also inked one of the most expensive M&A deals in the industry last year, acquiring Horizon Therapeutics for $27.8 billion. The acquisition bolstered Amgen's inflammation portfolio with key medications including Tepezza, Krystexxa and Uplizna.

Tepezza, approved in 2020 for thyroid eye disease, and Krystexxa, approved for gout in 2010, were at the center of the FTC's concerns about anticompetitive behavior.

The lengthy FTC scrutiny of the deal, announced in December, has drawn criticism from over 30 life sciences organizations, including Amgen. This coalition, known as the Partnership for the U.S. Life Science Ecosystem (PULSE), aims to challenge the FTC's approach to antitrust enforcement and emphasizes the role of mergers and acquisitions in advancing patient care through innovation.