Charles River Labs buys biomaterials producer

Dec. 16, 2019

Charles River Laboratories has agreed to acquire HemaCare, a leader in the production of human-derived cellular products, for approximately $380 million in cash.

The acquisition of California-based HemaCare will expand Charles River’s scientific capabilities in the emerging, high-growth cell therapy sector. HemaCare supplies critical biomaterials, including a wide range of human primary cell types, as well as cell processing services to support the discovery, development, and manufacture of cell therapies, including allogeneic (donor-derived cells) and autologous (patient-derived cells) programs.

Combined with Charles River’s integrated, early-stage portfolio of discovery, safety assessment, and manufacturing support services, the new deal will create a comprehensive solution for cell therapy developers and manufacturers worldwide to help accelerate their critical programs from basic research and proof-of-concept to regulatory approval and commercialization.

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