HHS launches Foundry for American Biotechnology amid health threats

Feb. 14, 2020

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched the nation's first Foundry for American Biotechnology, with the aim of producing technological solutions that help the U.S. protect against and respond to health security threats, enhance daily medical care, and add to the nation's bioeconomy.

The Foundry will engage regional experts and offer an idea lab, dry and wet labs, manufacturing space, and access to modeling technology. It will be located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and managed in conjunction with Manchester-based DEKA Research and Development Corp. as part of a public-private partnership.

"As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus reminds us, protecting the health and security of the American people requires constantly investing in biotechnology innovation and partnering with the private sector," said HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

The Foundry's first project will focus on maturing and validating small, portable, automated devices that could be transported easily to disaster locations to make necessary medicines on-site.

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