J&J tees up vax for March launch

Jan. 14, 2021

Johnson & Johnson is planning to have efficiency data on its coronavirus shot ready by early February and is hoping to begin distribution by March. 

According to the company’s chief science officer, the company expects to meet its goal of producing one billion doses of its vaccine by the end of this year. Unlike other rivals on the market, J&J is aiming to win approval for a one-and-done shot. But if the data suggests that it would work better with a booster shot, J&J plans to submit a separate application for a two-shot regimen approval.

The company’s efficacy report will include two months of safety data on its trial participants, per FDA guidelines. 

Yet, concerns have also been raised that J&J is experiencing manufacturing delays. This week, The New York Times reported that the company has fallen two months behind on its vaccine production goals, according to federal officials. An Operation Warp Speed official confirmed the delay, but said the company is aiming to catch up by March. It’s currently unclear how many doses J&J will have ready for distribution if its vaccine wins approval in March. 

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