Italy threatens Pfizer over vaccine delays

Jan. 26, 2021

The Italian government has sent a warning letter to Pfizer asking the drugmaker to make good on its contractual obligations to deliver coronavirus vaccines. 

According to Reuters, the State Attorney General’s Office indicated that if the company does not deliver enough vaccines, it could be in breach of its contract. The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, also said over the weekend that the government could leverage legal options if Pfizer fails to comply. 

Pfizer said it intends to catch up with supply shortfalls with enhanced manufacturing techniques to boost production.

The news comes as tensions mount about coronavirus vaccine deliveries in Europe. 

On Friday, AstraZeneca indicated to the EU that it would not be able to meet its delivery targets through the end of March. Rather than supplying the region with 100 million doses as promised, the company said it can now only deliver about 31 million doses. The company cited production issues as its reason for the delays. 

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