Reports: EU prepping lawsuit against AstraZeneca

April 22, 2021

Countries in the EU are reportedly working on preparing legal proceedings against AstraZeneca.

According to Reuters, the forthcoming lawsuit will allege that AstraZeneca cut supplies to the EU, contributing to a slower rate of vaccinations in the region. 

An EU official reported that at a meeting of EU states this week, most of the diplomats in attendance supported the measure, but said it would be up to the individual countries to decide if they wanted to be a part of the lawsuit. France and Germany have reportedly indicated that they want more time to consider the matter. 

AstraZeneca had committed to making its “best reasonable effort” to deliver 300 million doses of its vaccine between December and June to the EU. But the company reported in March that it would only hit about one-third of that target. 

Officials are also reportedly questioning a $270 million investment EU states made in AstraZeneca that was supposed to be earmarked for purchasing vaccine ingredients — but the company has reportedly yet to prove that’s how the money was spent.

AstraZeneca said that it is in ongoing talks with the EU about vaccine supplies and that it is not aware of any related lawsuits.