After doubling in size, Moderna's workforce is poised for more growth

June 23, 2021

In just one year, Moderna’s workforce nearly doubled in size from about 830 employees in March 2020 to 1,500 in March 2021. About 650 of those jobs were added at its manufacturing plant in Norwood, Massachusetts. Now, the company is aiming for more growth.

The company recently announced plans to continue expanding by adding another 155 manufacturing jobs at its facility in Norwood. The company won a tax incentive from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center for planning to onboard the new full-time employees with plans to retain them through 2025.

The news comes as Moderna continues to expand the production of its COVID-19 vaccine. Later this year, the company plans to increase the production of the shot at the Norwood facility by about 50%. All told, the company is hoping to crank out 3 billion doses globally in 2022.