Biogen reps ‘not welcome’ at D.C. neurological center

Sept. 23, 2021

A clinic that treats a number of neurological conditions in Washington, D.C. has told Biogen sales reps that they shouldn’t come knocking to sell Aduhelm to their patients.

This week, a picture was posted on Twitter that showed a sign posted inside The Neurological Center that reads: “In response to the growing controversy over the new Biogen Alzheimer’s medication, Biogen pharmaceutical representatives are no longer welcome in our offices. Biogen representatives should not enter or engage staff, physicians or patients.”

The pushback by the Center demonstrates a major hurdle Biogen has been facing with the rollout of Aduhelm since it was approved by the FDA on June 7. Despite becoming the first potentially disease-modifying drug ever approved to treat Alzheimer’s, the ongoing dispute over the demonstrated safety, efficacy and cost of the drug have hampered uptake. Before its approval, Wall Street analysts pegged Aduhelm to potentially become the best-selling drug of all time. Instead, the launch has dragged.

According to a Stat News report from last week, just over 100 patients were dosed with the amyloid-targeting antibody treatment between its approval date and Sept. 11. In fact, the situation has gotten so dire for Biogen that the company is reportedly considering cost-cutting measures that could include layoffs.