Promising Future for World Vaccine Development

May 12, 2015
By 2019, human vaccines market revenue will reach $56.38 billion.

Given multilevel revenue forecasting, visiongain’s updated investigation predicts sales of human vaccines will multiply from 2015 to 2025.

Gains will occur at overall world, submarket, product and national level. Aging populations with higher needs and expectations for healthcare, along with advances in vaccine manufacturing technology and diagnostics, will increase sales of those medicines. That industry’s research and development holds much promise. Emerging countries, such as India and China, are developing a better quality of life. This in turn leads to a desire for better healthcare and government drives to match this. All of that progress gives many commercial opportunities for human vaccines from 2015-2025, visiongain’s study predicts.

Vaccines form an increasingly attractive segment of the pharmaceuticals industry. They are no longer purely prophylactic. Instead the therapeutic ability of some agents to treat chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer will provide new market opportunities. This has since seen a trend where companies are increasingly focusing on the therapeutic side of that business.

Bochung Lam, a healthcare industry analyst at visiongain, said: “There remains a large market for human vaccines that can not only prevent diseases, but also treat them. Human vaccines are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in medical treatment. In recent years – and also from 2015 – attention from drug manufacturers, doctors and patients shifts to that progressing and lucrative market.

“Our study notes rising demand for human vaccines, especially to counter pandemics and chronic diseases. The number of patients suffering from those conditions will increase from 2015 to 2025, owing to aging populations and changing lifestyles. Many of these disorders have no definitive form of treatment, with sufferers so far going largely untreated. Vaccines offer a solution there, and visiongain expects their demand to increase rapidly during our 10-year revenue forecasts.

“Our research and analyses show regulations and other governmental demands will form a challenge to vaccine developers, manufacturers and marketers from 2015 to 2025." Forces favoring that market include increased rate of uptake from organizations, giving a widening of vaccine sales to private and public sector customers. Technological advances are leading to innovative formulations, methods of vaccination and ways of storing those agents. This will help to cut costs and bring health benefits to a larger number of people. Visiongain believes this rapidly developing pharmaceutical sector will continue to grow to 2025.

Overall the future looks promising for vaccine development, use and sales.

To read the orginal blog post and to access an Executive Summary to this report visit the visiongain blog here.

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