May 24, 2007
New SPC Demo Trial Encourages Hands-On Involvement

Zontec has repackaged its free 30-day trial for Synergy 1000 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

Synergy 1000 is used in quality assurance applications to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection. In worldwide use by more than 5,000 manufacturers, Zontec's Synergy technology is a highly effective tool for ensuring product consistency, waste prevention and traceability.

With Synergy 1000, Quality Departments can collect production data and take corrective action in real time as undesirable process trends occur. Color-coded alarms and e-mail alerts provide immediate feedback as data flows into the system. A powerful collection of analytical, query and reporting tools enable users to examine both current and historical data in many dimensions.

The 30-day trial encourages a comprehensive evaluation of the software using a series of industry-specific prototype applications. In addition, users can test their gages and measurement devices with the software and create part and process files based on their company's unique manufacturing application.

Synergy 1000 runs on all current Windows operating systems. The trial version is available via internet download or on CD.