Accsense, Inc.

Aug. 9, 2007
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Protects Quality

Accsense's wireless monitoring system aims to provide peace of mind for scientists working with temperature-sensitive products in pharmaceutical and laboratory settings. Suitable for all refrigerators, freezers and incubators, it’s a solution for keeping temperatures, CO2 levels, humidity, and any other measurements in check with constant monitoring. Receive alarm notifications via email, phone or pager if problems arise — anywhere, anytime.

According to the company, Accsense’s out-of-the-box solution is up and running in five minutes, allowing users to start recording data and receiving information immediately through Web-based software. A complete Accsense wireless system forms a secure, self-healing wireless mesh network. Accsense sensor pods are compatible with a range of standard external plug-in sensors and probes, including thermocouples, resistance-temperature detectors, and thermistors.