Sparta Systems

July 3, 2008
New Quality Management Software Allows for Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

Sparta Systems, Inc. has announced general availability of the latest version of its TrackWise quality management software solution, featuring new enterprise-class reporting capabilities. The new features and functionality in TrackWise provide for additional efficiency and effectiveness in the management of reporting for all quality and regulatory compliance efforts across globally distributed operations.

As organizations in heavily regulated industries continue to expand their global systems, they look for ways to leverage existing investments in shared enterprise infrastructure. The latest TrackWise release introduces support for Business Objects Enterprise, which allows multiple applications to share a single enterprise reporting environment. As more quality management software deployments for organizations in life sciences, manufacturing and other industries are becoming increasingly business critical and broadly adopted across functional areas and geography, it is crucial that they support functionality that enables virtually unlimited scalability while reducing redundant licensing cost and maintenance overhead.

Further extending TrackWise’s broad range of reporting capabilities, the latest version also provides support for ad-hoc generation of graphical reports. This feature empowers the TrackWise end user to generate graphical reports on the fly without technical knowledge or access to outside reporting tools. In addition, the ad hoc reporting functionality is included within the TrackWise Validation Package, thereby reducing the volume of report-by-report testing and validation and putting the power of report creation in the hands of end users without the typical wait time for technical and validation resources.

“For years Sparta Systems has pioneered quality management and compliance technologies that have anticipated marketplace developments and exceeded customer demand for enterprise-level software innovations,” said Mike Jovanis, VP, product management at Sparta Systems. “This latest release represents the next evolution in TrackWise’s ability to meet reporting and analysis needs, as Sparta has heard its customers’ requests and incorporated even greater enterprise integration and ad hoc web-based reporting into the framework of its market-leading solution. Users can now leverage existing infrastructures for their TrackWise deployments and can more quickly pull critical quality and compliance data while helping to alleviate costs.”