Catalent Pharma Solutions

Nov. 20, 2008
Delivery System for Injectable Drug Products

Catalent Pharma Solutions has introduced the SECURE-VIAL technology, a delivery system for injectable drug products. The SECURE-VIAL system is a specially designed polypropylene vial containing a rubber stopper that is created through a Blow-Fill-Seal manufacturing process. Blow-Fill-Seal is a manufacturing process by which containers are formed from plastic resin, filled with a liquid and then sealed, all within a contained and highly automated process. Blow-Fill-Seal has been used for decades in the manufacture of sterile liquid pharmaceuticals, such as ophthalmic and nebulized respiratory products, and its potential is becoming increasingly recognized for injectable liquid products.

In contrast to more traditional aseptic vial-filling processes, the process used to fill the SECURE-VIAL system is highly automated and allows very limited exposure of the product to the environment. This provides quality and sterility assurance benefits, while reducing labor and component costs. The vial design, which includes a rubber stopper and a one-handed opening feature, provides both convenience and safety benefits for healthcare practitioners versus traditional glass vials.