Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A

July 10, 2009
Filter Integrity Testing for Highest Demands

Filter Integrity Testing is an essential procedure to detect defective filter cartridges and to avoid their use. Thus automatic integrity testers have to fulfill highest standards with respect to accuracy and reliability. At the same time the user-friendly interaction guarantees convenient handling.

The Sartocheck family offers solutions for all customer needs. Different devices and a comprehensive accessory package allow highest flexibility.

Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
GAMP compliant functions and an intuitive operator interface make the Sartocheck 4 an invaluable member of your production team from the first touch.

User management
The system administrator assigns a unique password along with specific access rights for each user. Once logged in, the user’s actions are initiated, in compliance with GMP, and clearly recorded in an audit trail.

Unique flexibility
The expansion options of the Sartocheck 4, such as the capability for an external pressure transducer and the control function for external valves (prevention of contamination), are an integral part of its concept. The complete internal pneumatics can be cleaned or dried at any time by activating a built-in flushing program.
This guarantees the greatest possible process reliability. 

Unique data security
Sartocheck 4 manages the data of up to 250 test programs and 999 test results in its integrated database. It is guaranteed that none of your test results will be lost or overwritten.

Besides standard hard copie printouts all data can be electronically archived on a file server via FTP by using the standard network connector (RJ45).