June 23, 2005
Class VI Thermoplastic Elastomer Can Outperform Plastics

Now available from AdvantaPure is FlexiPrene pharmaceutical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a versatile material for extrusion and molding. FlexiPrene offers advantages over other materials such as PVC, silicone, and fluoropolymer, and meets Class VI standards. Typical tubing and molded component applications include biotransfer, air sampling, sub-zero temperature uses, welding to media bags, and peristaltic pumps.

When compared with other materials, FlexiPrene offers clear advantages. It provides improved performance over PVC and is cleaner than latex. It’s also less costly than silicone, fluoropolymer, and polyurethane. Injection moldable FlexiPrene allows for leak-free connections and the elimination of entrapment issues in manifolds and assemblies. T’s, Y’s, and 4-way connectors combined with tubing allow for a wide variety of designs.

FlexiPrene tubing and components are validatable and may be heat sealed, welded, or sterilized by autoclave, gamma radiation, or EtO. The material is free of silicone oils and animal-derived ingredients. FlexiPrene tubing offers excellent flexibility characteristics and resistance to kinking. Sizes from 3/32” to 1-1/2” O.D. are available.

The FlexiPrene Portable Heat Sealer quickly and cleanly seals tubing for sampling and other purposes. It is compact, easy to use, and works with tubing sizes up to 1/2” I.D. with 1/8” wall.

In addition to manifolds and assemblies, custom options include specified lengths, sizes, private branding, and/or special packaging. Co-extrusion – the process of extruding two separate resins into one integrated tube – is also available for greater cost-vs.-performance benefits.