PDC Machines Inc.

Aug. 9, 2005
Contamination-free, Emission-free Mixing Up to 40,000 PSI
PDC Machines magnetic drives require no dynamic seals providing for leak-tight and emission-free mixing at pressures as high as 40,000 psi or under vacuum. Our drives are ideal when working with toxic, hazardous, or high-purity materials and will protect the health of workers, the environment, and maintain product purity. These rugged heavy-duty drives with their wide selection of impellers can be used with glass or metallic vessels to suit most mixing applications. They can be installed in hazardous locations. Materials of construction will be compatible with the process media. Drive-tube design allows for air- or water-cooling for high-temperature applications. The control system can be remote or local to monitor and adjust the speed of the stirrer.The thru-bore pressure tube design and identical bearings provide for excellent alignment, continuous and vibration-free operation at speeds of up to 5,000 RPM on certain models. This simple design prolongs bearing life and minimizes maintenance.