Rockwell Automation

Aug. 10, 2005
Medium Voltage OEM Component Kits
OEMs and system-level users will be able to improve performance and simplify power circuit configuration with new Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1503E medium voltage (MV) OEM component kits from Rockwell Automation. The kits meet the needs of OEMs that require a robust, economical medium voltage soft starter solution in a kit format.The OEM component kits are the latest of three medium voltage Allen-Bradley SMC Flex solutions, including the Bulletin 1562E complete motor control solution and the 1560E retrofit solution. Medium voltage SMC Flex products use a current loop gate driver (CLGD) circuit, which minimizes component count and enhances system reliability. The power circuit components are consistent regardless of control options, greatly simplifying OEM kit installation procedures.The medium voltage SMC Flex family is ideal for pump, fan, compressor, conveyor and blower applications, in industries such as automotive, forestry, metal and mining, petrochemical, cement, water/wastewater and electric power.Allen-Bradley MV SMC Flex soft starters help end users reduce costs by limiting starting torque and minimizing mechanical damage to belts, gears and other machine components. The soft starters also help users meet utility restrictions by reducing high inrush current when starting medium voltage motors. Minimizing inrush current also helps avoid process shutdowns that can occur during power system brownouts. Additional new features of the Bulletin 1503E MV OEM component kits include updated power stack designs with new CLGD boards, tachometer feedback, and a new interface board and voltage sensing module that can be used for all ratings.