Celeros Separations

Aug. 23, 2005
Centrifuge Conquers Broad Range of Pharma, Biotech Tasks

The Model APD Centrifuge from Celeros Separations is suitable for a broad range of two-phase solid-liquid separation applications common to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical process industries.

Transcending current centrifuge technology, the Model APD centrifuge achieves full-automatic operation in a hermetically sealed environment. The design incorporates a low shear feed inlet and low shear centrate exit to enhance separation and maintain product integrity, and a discharge piston to achieve total solids recovery after separation. There are no wide-blade scrapers, baffles, discs or discharge ports to impede solids discharge.

As a multi-purpose centrifuge, the APD is jacketed to permit thermal control. To further broaden process flexibility, vacuum-rated designs, solids receiving vessels, and CIP/SIP skids are available options.

Typical applications include blood fractionation, vaccine manufacturing, mammalian cell harvesting and E. Coli microbial processing.


  • cGMP construction
  • Complete hermetic containment
  • Full CIP and SIP capabilities


  • Total recovery of precious solids
  • Dry paste discharge and clear centrate
  • Low shear forces for sensitive products
  • No baffles, discs, or ports to impede discharge


  • Rotational forces up to 20,000 x G
  • PLC control for process flexibility
  • Hazardous area designs available

Process Applications

  • Biotech
    Cell Debris Removal
    Mammalian and Bacterial Cell Harvesting
    Microbial Processing
    -Inclusion Bodies

  • Pharmaceutical
    Blood Plasma
    Precipitated Crystal Recovery