L. B. Bohle LLC

Sept. 9, 2005
Fluid Bed Processor Features Patented Filter System
L. B. Bohle has introduced a new brochure highlighting their BFS Fluid Bed Processing System. The brochure provides detailed product data and technical information on the unit's patented filter system and other unique features. Copies and additional materials are available upon request.The latest innovation within the Bohle program is the development of a Fluid Bed System to complete the available granulation and drying equipment from Bohle.Special attention should be drawn to the new developed and patented filter system as well as to the control of relevant batch parameters. The filter system is designed to establish an effective periodical cleaning sequence with blow back technology that cleans the complete filter surface over the full filter length.For the drying process in the BFS, an online moisture detection system with NIR technology has been developed. This reliable concept allows precise determination of the current moisture content during the granulation and drying process. The computer system controls the relevant process parameters reflecting GAMP guidelines.