Analogix, Inc.

Sept. 14, 2005
Flash Purification Columns Perform Leak-Free
The threat of compound sample loss posed by leaky purification columns is a headache research chemists can now avoid. Analogix releases the new SuperFlash series of leak-free, high-performance flash chromatography columns, enabling researchers to more confidently achieve superior results. These new, ready-to-ship columns feature patent-pending Unitized Construction. Analogix hermetically seals the column body and end-cap fittings to withstand up to 100psi (7BAR) without leaking. Packed with Sepra Si 50 sorbent, these columns can handle a number of compounds for normal phase purification.Innovative dispersion channel designs improve ease of loading and dispersion of viscous samples and samples with impurities for better separation performance. These columns use their Direct Luer Connect feature for simple male and female luer connections, enabling an instant, tight connection to input and output tubing without requiring expensive, complicated and size limiting compression module hardware.Available in 12 standard sizes ranging from 34g to 600g, with more standard and custom sizes on the way, the SuperFlash design gives users flexibility to define custom sizes without column stacking. Eliminating column stacking reduces expense, improves resolution and simplifies matching of sample size and column.SuperFlash columns are optimized for the Analogix IntelliFlash and SimpliFlash systems, and function on any competitive flash system. Systems currently using compression modules or plunger designs may require an optional, reusable luer connection kit. These disposable columns are pre-packed with Sepra Si 50 flash silica for normal phase separations using proprietary Gradient-free Compression technology. Analogix proprietary Gradient-Free Compression cartridge packing technology creates a tighter column bed during the column packing phase of manufacturing. This technology substantially reduces particle spacing in the column.The column performs better by providing enhanced interaction with less channeling. This action results in greater sorbent utilization and reproducible sharp peaked separations. In addition, the SuperFlash may be filled with a wide variety of normal and reverse phase sorbents, including a smaller particle size Sepra Si 35 material to fit specific experimental needs.