CapPlus Technologies

Oct. 6, 2005
V-Blender Boasts 50-Year Production Life
V-blenders are a standard fixture in most pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production operations. According to some operations managers, they have the longest production life of any tool in the shop.For this reason, CapPlus Technologies builds its V-blenders to have a 50-year production life. Standard features include sanitary butterfly valves, smooth ground welds, variable-speed motors and a dependable, high-quality center-pressure lid locking system. Options include intensifier bars, castor mounting for portability and a mirrored finish inside and out.Options
  • Hinged plexiglas enclosures on front and back safety interlocks
  • Safety interlocks on plexiglas enclosure
  • Mirror finish on exterior of machine
  • Mirror finish on interior of machine
  • 4” stainless steel square tubing frame
  • Tachometer with digital readout
  • Timer with automatic shut-off features
  • 6” stainless steel
  • Hinged “easy access” openings with trigger release locking system
  • Center pressure bar for even pressure control on lid seals
  • 60:1 gear reduction from 0-21 RPM
  • 4” heavy-duty locking casters
  • Painted 4” carbon steel square tubing frame
  • Satin finish on exterior
  • 1-, 5-, and 10-cubic-foot capacities available