Spectral Dimensions, Inc.

Nov. 17, 2005
Powerful Imaging Software Maximizes Utility of Spectroscopic Data
ISys is a powerful, comprehensive software package designed specifically for visualization and analysis of chemical imaging data cubes and maps. It includes all the tools you need to intuitively understand your chemical imaging data in spectral and spatial dimensions simultaneously.Unlike many other software packages, ISys is:
  • Designed specifically for spectroscopists.
  • ISys incorporates tools, language and terminology familiar to spectroscopists.

  • Convenient.
  • Standard data preprocessing, statistical and chemometric tools are built in. All visualization and data analysis steps can be performed conveniently in one software package.

  • Flexible.
  • Import options enable image data from both imaging and mapping systems to be processed with ISys.

  • Powerful.
  • A vast array of tools combined with an easy-to-use graphical interface allows ISys to grow with your chemical imaging data processing needs.
Applications in the pharmaceutical industryThis powerful chemical imaging software package can be applied to the analysis of heterogeneous samples in a wide variety of industrial and academic fields, from biomedical and materials sciences to pharmaceutical characterizations.Diffuse reflectance near-infrared data often exhibits wavelength dependent differences in the scattering of reflected light, causing spectral artifacts that cloud interpretation and quantitation. ISys includes multivariate data preprocessing algorithms such as multiplicative scatter correction (MSC) and the standard normal variant (SNV) transform that correct for such artifacts, leading to crystal clear results. Through the seamless integration of spectral and spatial information with the ISys data visualization interface, removing spectral artifacts with chemometric techniques like MSC is a one step process, resulting in improved image interpretation.Whether visualizing chemical image data sets to determine spectral and spatial relationships in your data, or performing advanced multivariate chemometric determinations, ISys is the one software package that includes all the features you need to transform your data into useful information, according to the company.