Dec. 9, 2005
Extensive Database Lists Properties for 2,000+ Compounds
ProSim announces the release of DIPPR L05+, an extended database providing pure components properties for more than 2,000 compounds. DIPPR L05+ is based on AIChE's (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) DIPPR (Design Institute for Physical Properties) database, the main reference for the thermophysical properties of pure components. Following an agreement with BYU (Brigham Young University — exclusive DIPPR distributor) in 2003, ProSim joined the very few companies allowed to distribute the original DIPPR database worldwide, within its thermodynamic properties calculation or process simulation software. The 2005 DIPPR database release, contains the properties of 1 843 compounds, including all industrially relevant components. The properties covered include data for 29 fixed-value properties (molar weight, critical temperature, critical pressure, etc.) and correlation coefficients for 15 temperature-dependent properties (liquid and vapor heat capacity, vapor pressure, liquid and vapor viscosity, etc). ProSim's DIPPR L05+ is an enriched version of this database, providing the latest data for 2 027 compounds. Additional information was gathered and tested through in-depth research projects and studies conducted by ProSim thermodynamic experts. "With DIPPR L05+, users have access to the best pure components properties data available. This guarantees the most reliable results when performing thermodynamic calculations and process simulation, in particular with ProSim's software," explains Stéphane Déchelotte, Chief Executive Officer of ProSim.DIPPR L05+ completes the many features of ProSim's thermodynamic package, already regarded as one of the most flexible and reliable available on the market. DIPPR L05+ is available as a stand-alone software, provided with Component Plus (ProSim's free pure component properties database management software) or as an option to any ProSim's package. The standalone version can be purchased online from ProSim's web site.