Powder Systems Ltd.

Dec. 15, 2005
ChargeBag Facilitates Powder Containment During Transfers
Click here to see larger image.The trend toward the use of increasingly potent materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing has driven the need for a new generation of powder transfer solutions. Thus, Powder Systems Ltd. (PSL) recently launched its ChargeBag for contained powder transfer between process applications. In direct response to customer demand for more robust flexible transfer containers, PSL has worked in tandem with Ezi Dock to develop a product which is easy to use while meeting stringent safety standards required for both operator and product. The newly designed ChargeBag is ideal for the transfer of APIs from process to process where containment is an increasingly important issue. These disposable, crevice-free containers provide a cost-effective solution, reducing cleaning times and ensuring that maximum yield can be recovered from the ChargeBag.Using the PSL ChargeBag in conjunction with the PSL ChargePoint high containment powder transfer split butterfly valve, manufacturers can achieve a containment level of <1μg/m³ . The 27-liter ChargeBag is available in two sizes: 100mm (4") and 150mm (6").
Double liner Operator protection
Ezi-Dock connection Product protection
ISO 14644-1 clean room assembly and manufacture Maximized product yield
Sterile option available Easy to use
FDA-compliant, anti-static materials Disposable — decreases cleaning times
Ergonomic reinforced handle Easy to use
Robust, crevice-free design Longer service life
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