Pickering Laboratories

Jan. 23, 2006
Post-Column System Ideal for High-Throughput Analysis

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Pickering Laboratories has released the Vector PCX, a rugged, low-cost post-column system designed for high-throughput analysis of target compounds.

The Vector PCX inherits the selectivity, sensitivity and chromatographic reproducibility of Pickering’s PCX5200 post-column derivatization instrument, with ease of use unmatched in the industry. It is compatible with all major HPLC systems, and is ideal for basic testing in demanding, 24/7 laboratory environments that require low capital outlay, analytic accuracy and long life for its post-column instrumentation, components and reagents.

The Vector PCX easily detects and analyzes amino acids of pharmaceuticals and provides quality control in their manufacture, using either its TRIONE patented ninhydrin reagent for visible detection or o-Phthaladehyde for fluorescence detection. Isolate and analyze a range of target compounds adhering to FDA methodologies accurately, economically and safely with ease of operation and extreme reliability.

As a replacement for the PCX5200 (discontinued January 2006) the Vector PCX provides easy migration for current Pickering customers with an even simpler user interface and serviceability, without sacrificing sensitivity. Its accuracy, reliability and ability to operate unmonitored allow the Vector PCX to perform optimally in high-throughput laboratories conducting standard testing. Low-pulsation metering pumps and state-of-the-art flow conditioners provide cleaner readings than other post-column systems, allowing the consistent detection of low concentrations of analytes with extreme specificity and a high degree of sensitivity, stability and reproducibility.

The Vector PCX is engineered for durability, featuring column pressure interlock to permit unattended operation with controlled shutdown, preventing reagent backup into the column. Its automatic piston seal wash ensures long seal life, while backflow protection and overpressure relief extend the lifetime of both the column and post-column instrumentation. Additionally, Vector PCX features designed to improve detection of target compounds also help to extend equipment lifecycle and reduce the cost of consumables.

Summary of features:

  • Works with all major brands of HPLC;
  • No computer required for operation;
  • Positive displacement reciprocating pumps;
  • Pulse dampening system;
  • Precision heated reactor;
  • Software-controlled pump flow rates;
  • Low pulsation precision metering pumps.

Other Vector PCX features include: a reagent pulse-dampening system for a smooth baseline, inert components, rugged construction, and reagent reservoirs pressurized by inert gas to extend the working life of oxygen-sensitive reagents and enhance pump performance.

Pickering will be demonstrating the Vector PCX post-column derivatization system in Booth No. 5776 at Pittcon 2006, March 12-17 in Orlando, Fla.