Sharpe Mixers

Feb. 14, 2006
Agitators Run the Gamut from Pilot to Production

Sharpe Mixers offers a complete line of stainless steel agitators for the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries. These mixers range in size from pilot scale (as small as 5.0 liters) to production capabilities (in excess of 50,000 liters).

A wide variety of drive configurations, motor and variable speed options, shaft seals and wet-end finishes is available. Vertical and right-angle drives are offered to meet headroom and vessel headspace issues. Mixers can be clamp-, flange- or tri-clamp-mounted. Independent lift stands are offered for portable operations. Shaft seals range from simple food-grade lip seals to high-pressure, high temperature, dry-running gas-charged cartridge double mechanical seals.

Wetted parts are 316L grade stainless steel with finishes available from 40 Ra to 5 Ra with electro-polishing and passivation as required. Portable clamp-on mixers are USDA-approved for operation in areas where painted or coated equipment is not acceptable.

These paint-free, all-stainless-steel mixers offer excellent protection from contamination. Totally corrosion-resistant, these mixers stand up best in harsh environments like brine make-up, high humidity and strong CPI solution wash down. Bio-pharm customers will appreciate the CIP/SIP-able design.

Sharpe Mixers supplies impellers for specific process requirements, be it low-shear agitation for mammalian cell cultures, or the high-energy mass transfer required for fermentation, to high-viscosity blending or solids suspension. Custom-engineered designs and pre-engineered products are available.