Rockwell Automation

Dec. 5, 2006
Compact Safety Controller Reduces Programming Costs

The Allen-Bradley SmartGuard Safety Controller from Rockwell Automation is an easy-to-use, intelligent safety system that reduces programming costs and increases productivity. Manufacturers that want to reduce their installation costs and improve their employees' productivity by incorporating flexible and programmable safety solutions into their machine design have a new, cost-effective option.

The SmartGuard 600, measuring a compact 4" x 3.5" x 5", is designed for applications that traditionally fall between safety relays and safety PLCs (programmable logic controllers). It helps reduce the wiring and installation costs commonly associated with relay-based systems, and tightly interlocks with programmable controllers to help manufacturers integrate their standard and safety systems for increased productivity.

Companies today can either use safety relays, where inter-wiring can be very complex even for basic safety logic, or they can implement a full-blown safety PLC system that can be expensive and time-consuming to program. The SmartGuard 600 bridges the gap between these systems by providing a solution (like safety relays) that is simple to install and easy to program, yet one (like safety PLCs) that performs complex safety functions and seamlessly links to other intelligent devices on the plant floor.