Phoenix Contact Inc., USA

Dec. 7, 2006
Continuous Power Distribution System Meets IP67 Standards

Phoenix Contact’s new Duplicon Power Distribution System is a stackable plug connector system that meets protection category IP67 standards. Designed for energy distribution in large-scale machinery and systems, Duplicon offers uninterrupted communication from the mounting rail in the control cabinet across the decentralized power distributor to the device connections in the field.

The Duplicon connector has six positions plus ground in 24 to 12 AWG for 600V/ 25A for power, 24V and ASi bus. The system's inserts use universal screw-connection technology and are compatible with Phoenix Contact’s ST-Combi plug connectors. Direct PCB connection on the device is available in 90-degree and 180-degree models, eliminating the need for one switching level.

The removable cover facilitates conducting an inspection during operation and the square design allows for flexible cable connections in 90-degree increments. Duplicon’s sturdy housing design in die-cast aluminum is resistant to salt water, vibration, UV exposure and extreme industrial conditions.