BS&B Wireless, L.L.C.

Dec. 28, 2006
Wireless Monitoring System Certified for Hazardous Applications

BS&B Wireless announces that its SmartDisk Wireless Monitoring System has been certified Intrinsically Safe for Class I, Division 1 applications, allowing the battery-powered transmitters to be installed virtually anywhere in a manufacturing facility. The system is designed for monitoring pressure relief devices which are often installed in hazardous environments where combustible gases or vapors are present during normal operating conditions.

This new approval allows SmartDisk to be applied whenever rupture disks, relief valves, tank vents, buckling pin valves or explosion vents may be fitted with sensors to annunciate their activation. In addition to monitoring the simple switch or membrane type sensors used with pressure relief devices, any application that requires accurate and frequent measurement is suitable for the wireless system. With the ability to transmit any 4-20 mA 0-5 Vdc or pulse type output signal, it provides real-time monitoring and tracking solutions for a variety of instrumentation. The system is also suitable for locations where running conduit or cable is impossible due to cost, location or safety considerations.