Hitachi America, Ltd.

Jan. 9, 2007
Scroll Air Compressors Feature Oil-Free Technology

Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Systems Division, has introduced SRL oil-free scroll air compressor technology into North America.

Features of the SRL oil-free product portfolio include:

  • 100% oil-less design to conserve natural resources and eliminate environmental emissions (No lubricants and/or grease to manage.)

  • Patented Scroll Wrap with Alumite surface treatment and labyrinth seal which provide superior performance and reliability.

  • Multi-stage cooling to provide stability of discharge air temperature.

  • Microprocessor based Cycle Control Logic, which automatically elongates the Load/Unload (On/Off) cycle to avoid excessive restarting frequency and promote extended package life.

  • Integrated Air Receiver(s) as standard to promote proper air system design.

  • Quiet Enclosure as standard providing low sound levels.

  • Incorporation of Hitachi motors and air-ends to convey highest efficiencies throughout the operating range.