Chemineer, Inc.

Aug. 16, 2007
New Impeller Boosts Mixing Efficiency

Chemineer's new  XE-3 impeller is as much as 24% more efficient than the HE-3 impeller in turbulent mixing. This improved efficiency can reduce the horsepower and size of the gear drive to achieve the desired mixing result. Upgrading to the XE-3 from less efficient impellers, such as the pitched blade impeller, is easily accomplished because the XE-3 impeller weight is similar or less than previous models.

Chemineer’s impeller technology is effectively applied across a wide range of applications ensuring repeatable results from lab scale to full-scale operations. Chemineer’s mixing expertise includes high-flow, low-shear liquid-liquid/solids blending, gas dispersion, high-shear blending and viscous mixing.