Powder Systems Ltd.

Oct. 24, 2007
Reactor System Sheds Light on Crystallization Process

The ChemFlux reactor system provides process monitoring capabilities to help understand exactly what goes on in a crystallization process.

Real time non-invasive monitoring of heat liberation & absorption during a process, can revolutionize the crystallization processes and control production to improve batch-to-batch consistency.

ChemFlux reactor systems gather valuable insight into processes such as crystallizations, by identifying the following information:

  • Point of nucleation
  • Crystal growth rate
  • Reaction end point
  • Effects of variants of product formation / yield

Power, enthalpy & temperature information enables accurate determination of the point of nucleation, the rate of crystal growth and the reaction end point.  The amount of product formed can also be calculated.

This detailed information can identify valuable trends suchs as correlations between the cooling rate, the temperature point of nucleation and the quantity of product formed. 

Combining the temperature, power and enthalpy data, the ChemFlux system can show more about a crystallization of a product than a simple temperature curve commonly used today with conventional reactors.  It can non-invasively monitor the actual amount of product formed, as well as the crystal growth rate.