West Pharmaceutical Services

Dec. 4, 2008
Disposable System Designed to Enhance Patient Compliance and Drug Administration Safety

West announces the availability of the ConfiDose disposable auto-injector system. The ConfiDose system eliminates preparation steps and automates the injection of drugs, providing patients with a sterile, single-use disposable system that can be easily used at home.
The ConfiDose auto-injector system incorporates a one-mL long, affixed needle prefilled syringe format that can be used with either a glass or Daikyo Crystal Zenith syringe. Additionally, the ConfiDose system has a clear viewing window for full visibility of the drug content and quick dose inspection before and after use. With the press of a button, a needle automatically extends to deliver a precise dose of medication before retracting. After use, the needle is permanently and completely shielded within the system, averting the risk of needle stick injury and making the system safe for disposal. The needle remains hidden, helping to reduce anxiety among patients who fear needles. There are multiple visual, audible and tactile cues to aid the user, which make the using the system easy and intuitive.

The ConfiDose auto-injector system is assembled by the pharmaceutical manufacturer with individual doses of medication in prefilled syringes and is ideal for chronic treatments that are administered routinely. Regularly scheduled self-injections are common for chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and anemia. Many of these afflictions cause patients to have dexterity issues, impacting their ability to self-administer a drug treatment with a traditional syringe.