Novatron, Inc.

Jan. 7, 2009
New UV Air Sterilization System Installed in Puerto Rico

Novatron, Inc. recently announced that its BioProtector air sterilization systems are being installed in a major pharmaceutical company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico.

The BioProtector uses an Advanced UV Sterilization (AUVS) technology that rapidly and effectively kills airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. The BioProtector’s AUVS technology produces up to 1000 times the intensity of conventional UV germicidal systems, resulting in far greater air sterilization effects.

BioProtector systems are installed in building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to sterilize the air flowing in HVAC air ducts. The AUVS technology provides a means of increasing the UV intensity produced by UV lamps by a large factor to achieve very high sterilization levels in air. Applications include sterilizing air in pharmaceutical, medical and food manufacturing facilities as well as in hospital surgery, critical care and isolation rooms. The technology was developed under the sponsorship of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and with financial assistance from the Center for Commercialization of advanced technology (CCAT) in San Diego.

The technology can also be used to protect personnel in military, government and civilian facilities against airborne biological threats. A BioProtector system was installed in the Pentagon in Washington, DC as part of the Pentagon Shield II Exercise. This system treats 60,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow in the building’s HVAC system.

Novatron’s President and CEO, Dr. Wayne Clark, noted that “this technology not only provides an effective and efficient means for sterilizing air for healthcare applications, but also provides the capability to protect people in buildings against many types of airborne organisms such as the common flu virus, SARS and bird flu viruses, mold, organisms such as the bacteria that cause legionnaires’ disease and biological agent threats such as anthrax.”

Novatron, Inc. was established in 2000 to develop innovative new technologies and sell equipment to address important defense and commercial market needs. Additional information about the company and its activities is available on the company’s website at