Steris Corporation

Jan. 15, 2009
Biodecontamination System Can Replace Formaldehyde Decontamination Processes

Steris Corporation has unveiled the VHP M1000-T4 biodecontamination system for use in various pharmaceutical and research applications. Steris' VHP technology offers benefits such as the capability to perform large enclosure biodecontamination with a significantly shorter process cycle, the choice of two PLC platforms with easy help screens and remote operator interface options, and easy access to the components for daily operation and maintenance.

At a time when the use of formaldehyde is under scrutiny, the VHP M1000-T4 Biodecontamination System can replace formaldehyde decontamination processes in pharma and research facilities. In addition, it can be used for suite and building decontamination, for cleanrooms of all sizes, for aseptic filling processes, in pass-through rooms and for defense and aerospace applications.

The VHP M1000-T4 system’s touch-screen controls are Allen-Bradley or Siemens interfaces that are familiar to users around the world. These controls provide real-time cycle parameter status and include enhanced help screens for users with questions. They also can be adapted with an optional remote operator interface that allows easy programming from elsewhere in the building. The controls’ password-protected memories securely maintain a large amount of cycle data that can also be printed as permanent records. Another operational enhancement is the cabinet design, which provides easy access to system components for calibration, service and maintenance.

To assure the VHP M1000-T4 system’s safety and reliability, stainless steel piping and cabinetry have been used. High quality cable glands and components have been strategically located to minimize the risk of Vaprox leakage, and a drip pan has also been placed within the unit as an additional safety contingency.

The VHP M1000-T4 Biodecontamination System is appropriate for use in GMP manufacturing environments, fulfills GAMP standards and is CE marked to fulfill European operating directives.