Safety Storage, Inc.

Jan. 22, 2009
Hazardous Material Containment Structures Comply with Environmental and Safety Code Regulations

Safety Storage, Inc. introduces an enterprise-wide, collaborative approach for chemical and life science companies to use when working with toxic or flammable chemicals, pharmaceutical and biologic materials, reagents, solvents or wastes. These custom, pre-engineered structures combine manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies while complying with environmental and safety code regulations

Safety Storage buildings can be self-contained, free-standing structures or designed to fit within a pre-existing facility. The fire-rated, explosion-proof and temperature controlled systems can house laboratories, test facilities, pilot plants, air-lock suit-up chambers, production facilities and material storage.

As the centerpiece of a collaborative effort, a Safety Storage building unites a range of job functions within an enterprise-wide initiative that reduces risk and liability, increases efficiency and eliminates waste.

Safety Storage hazardous material containment structures, which are pre-built and inspected at factory locations, reduce the carbon footprint, time, cost and complexity of traditional building construction.