BaySpec, Inc.

March 26, 2009
Handheld Raman System Engine Is Based on Volume Phase Gratings

BaySpec Inc. has introduced a third-generation handheld, battery-operated Raman system engine based on proprietary ruggedized volume phase gratings. The TRicorder-1 measures 230mm × 110mm × 65mm and weighs five pounds. It produces 7 cm-1 resolution and returns results in less than two seconds.

It has no moving parts and features a narrowband fiber laser, a sensitive attenuated total reflectance probe interface, low power consumption and an easy-to-use PC tablet interface.

The system delivers highly repeatable results and is pre-calibrated for life to ensure operational accuracy. A Windows-based handheld personal computer is included for ease of use. Two models are available: the high-performance TRicorder-1 and the basic TRicorder-0, which is smaller and weighs less. The latter produces resolution of 17 cm-1 and returns results in 10 seconds. 

Both versions are ergonomically designed and can identify common and rare chemicals through glass, plastic, transparent and translucent materials. They accurately identify chemicals in mixtures with low concentrations. Both enable single-handed or wireless hands-free analysis. Nondestructive testing preserves samples for additional tests and/or as evidence.

The Spec 20/20 GUI software interface delivers onboard results, compatible with a variety of libraries.