OYSTAR USA Process Division

Sept. 15, 2009
An End to Top Spray Granulation and Wurster Column Coating

The OYSTAR USA Process Division, which is responsible for all sales, service and support in North America for OYSTAR Hüttlin and OYSTAR Manesty pharmaceutical processing equipment, offers the OYSTAR Hüttlin Mycrolab, Unilab and Pilotlab fluid bed systems for mixing, drying, granulating and coating/layering for small laboratory and pilot size batches.

The OYSTAR Huttlin fluid bed systems feature the patented Diskjet air distributor plate for homogeneous air flow. The air is distributed through slots cut out at a 45° angle in the bottom stainless steel plate in order to create a vortex in the expansion chamber ensuring fast and uniform product mixing. The spray guns used for both granulation and coating are also positioned at a 45° angle through the bottom Diskjet plate, allowing binder and coating to be sprayed in the same direction as the drying air. Binder and coating can be applied from the bottom over the entire product bowl. There is no need for top spray when granulating and therefore no spray drying and also no need for Wurster columns when coating beads or pellets. The OYSTAR Huttlin fluid bed system spray guns allow for higher spray rates and higher efficiency, in half the time it takes for typical Wurster coating processes.

The OYSTAR Huttlin Mycrolab, the smallest of the OYSTAR Huttlin fluid bed units, works just like the larger units and is ideal for batch sizes ranging from 0.05 to 1 kg. Filling can be done manually or by pneumatic suction and discharges manually. The process filters are cleaned by means of compressed air.

The multi-purpose OYSTAR Huttlin Unilab, for batch sizes ranging from 0.2 to 6 kgs., is a mobile unit with an operating panel that provides reliable and reproducible results. Its unique NexStep scale-up software enables scale-up to any production plant. The Unilab contains process air equipment and a circuit cabinet with integrated PLC for separate installation.

The OYSTAR Huttlin Pilotlab, for batch sizes ranging from 4 to 60 kgs., can be used as a small size production unit or as an intermediate unit, processing a batch size between laboratory and production. It is 10 bar shock-resistant and the reduction kit assures high flexibility. The Pilotlab contains process air equipment and a circuit cabinet with integrated PLC for separate installation.