AdvantaPure: Practical Method of Critical Document Retrieval

Dec. 14, 2009
Practical Method of Critical Document Retrieval

AdvantaPure, a manufacturer of high purity tubing and single use systems for pharmaceutical and biotech processing, announces the introduction of DocuLink (patent pending) for manifold identification. DocuLink is an innovative, viable method of distinguishing silicone manifolds after installation.

Processing manifolds of platinum-cured silicone are often supplied to customers in labeled bags. Once a manifold is removed from a bag, its individual identification and tracking information — manufacture date, lot numbers, part numbers — is separated. Document retrieval for audits and validations becomes time consuming, tedious, and expensive. DocuLink addresses this burden by providing identification directly on each manifold in the form of a silicone-encased label.

Each manifold is assigned a unique number. A lot number, date of manufacture, or other information may be used as well. A label with this information is permanently molded within the silicone connector, which can be in the style of a T, Y, cross, reducer, or molded Tri-Clamp end. Documents such as certificates of compliance, instructions, component specifications, standards, and validations relating to each manifold are then accessible to customers via an online data management site.

Each DocuLink label and its silicone manifold handle autoclave, gamma irradiation, clean-in-place (CIP), and steam-in-place (SIP) sterilization processes. The DocuLink label stays safely encased in silicone and does not contact interior flows.

DocuLink enables easy tracking of a manifold back to its origins and addresses customers’ regulatory, validation, and safety concerns in a practical, cost-saving way.