Wyatt Technology: Light Scattering Exclusion Chromatography Columns for Proteins

Jan. 8, 2010
Wyatt Technology: Light Scattering Exclusion Chromatography Columns for Proteins

Wyatt Technology Corporation, the world leader in instruments for absolute macromolecular characterization, today announces the launch of its new size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for protein analysis by multi-angle light scattering. These SEC columns are the first offered by Wyatt Technology and are expressly designed to achieve the best resolution and reproducibility as well as the maximum detection sensitivity for protein characterization.

Multi-angle light scattering has become an invaluable tool for protein characterization. The combined SEC-MALS method has many applications, including quantification of protein aggregation, determination of protein conjugate stoichiometry and confirmation of the oligomeric state of a protein.

Traditional SEC columns used for protein separation often shed particles, some for an extended period of time. As a result, SEC-MALS methods require excessive down time to condition columns in order to avoid compromising data quality. The new Wyatt Technology SEC columns cease shedding particles after a very short time and produce exceptionally low light scattering baseline noise and excellent pressure shock resistance compared to other columns on the market. This feature not only ensures the highest data quality and accuracy, but also improves productivity because less time is waiting for the columns to “quiet down”. Moreover, quality consistency is guaranteed as each column is individually tested by a Wyatt expert using a MALS detector before being shipped.

Wyatt Technology’s new SEC columns have outstanding resolution, reproducibility as well as an extended for proteins classes including membrane proteins, owing to the use of extraordinarily high quality silica with well-controlled surface chemistry and manufacturing processes. The columns also have a full range of pore size selections to choose from.

Geofrey Wyatt, the company president, said: “We are delighted to add these unique columns to our product portfolio. These SEC columns dramatically improve protein separation productivity without compromising data quality. The WTC columns improve how effectively proteins can be characterised by light scattering—a feat not accomplished before.”

To find out more about the new SEC columns or for more details on other Wyatt Technology products and services please visit www.wyatt.com or email [email protected]

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