CapPlus Technologies: Insight 100 A New Vision Inspection System For Solid Dose Products

April 28, 2010
CapPlus Technologies: Insight 100 A New Vision Inspection System For Solid Dose Products

The Insight 100 provides a cost effective, objective, and reproducible method of inspecting capsule shaped solid dose products. It is designed with a seamless rotary feeding and silicone belt conveying system which enables the inspection of various dosage forms and sizes without installing costly change parts. A computer controlled, automatic process monitoring system adjusts inspection speeds to insure optimum accuracy at maximum output. The large hopper is capable of holding up to 50,000 capsules.  

The machine is constructed on a rugged stainless steel cabinet with swiveling casters and leveling feet, which means it can be moved to where it is needed without taking up valuable production floor space. The design also incorporates a swing-open door that makes the unit accessible and easy to clean. It is equipped with self adjusting sensors which combine with a self contained dust collection system to promote long and un-interrupted runs.

The speed of the vision inspection is enhanced with fiber optic ‘triggers’ which allow a high speed camera to make pre-established ‘decisions’ in 0.33 microseconds. The direct lighting and back lighting provides a strong silhouette for geometrical inspection and superior surface illumination for detection of the minutest defects.

The Insight 100 was developed by CapPlus Technologies and is offered at a fraction of the size and cost of competing machines. The mobility, size and pure performance of this inspection system, made in the USA with complete support and customer service, makes the Insight 100 a valuable tool for any solid dose manufacturing operation.

About CapPlus Technologies:
CapPlus Technologies is the only company in the United States that provides equipment to manufacture all three, solid-dose forms including two-piece capsules, tablets and softgels.